Sunday, February 26, 2012


Today has been a very lazy day and it has got me thinking about goals. I've spent the majority of my day on Craftgawker and looking up DIYs online but I never actually get around to making anything. My to do DIY folder has 200+ projects in it and I have a few partially done project in my sewing pile. I keep putting off doing all the things I want to try and then I get frustrated for never getting anything done and being the laziest person. It's always a vicious circle with me. Get annoyed by lack of progress, make a plan/goals to turn things around, rediscover how comfortable my bed is, repeat. I'm in the "make plans/goals" stage right now so, here's my list for March. Hopefully by April, I will have started some new and productive habits and won't be laying in bed, watching movies and eating a bag of chocolate chips (like I just did... whoops.)

Goals for March (tho I will be starting a few days early)
- Start (and finish) 5 of the crafts from my to do folder
- Spring clean and thoroughly organize my apartment (and keep it clean with daily tidying)
- Get off my butt and workout
- Start learning something new (Maybe needle point? Jewellery making?)

Wish me luck, I'm off to start my cleaning.

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