Monday, February 20, 2012


After far too long, I've decided to restart my blog. Just a little somewhere I can rant and rave about my latest cooking adventures and of course, my arts and crafts.

So, let's hop right into it then.

Food. I've always wanted to be a chef (amongst other things.) Hopefully, if I'm accepted, I will be attending culinary school in the fall. Aside from a couple cooking classes here and there, everything I know about cooking and food has come from my family. My Mom and Grandma are fantastic cooks. My Dad's idea of haute cuisine is burnt porkchops and Spam.

Last week, I successfully made my first batch of pizza dough. It was easier than I thought it would be. I ran into a big snag aka my boyfriend doesn't own measuring spoons (I was making it at his place, who doesn't have measuring spoons?) so I just had to eye it the best I could. I'm sure I made at least 3 mistakes but the dough turned out perfectly. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend was getting quite annoyed at me jumping up and down, squealing and insisting he come watch the dough rise with me. I was making the Potato Pizza recipe I found on Design Love Fest. I thought it was good but could have used a few tweaks (Garlic! Onions!) but it did push me out of my comfort zone and that was my goal. I ended up making a garlic olive oil, brushing the pizza with it and baking it for a few more minutes. After that, it was fantastic. It was even better when I had it for breakfast the next morning.

Tonight, I made a mish-mash dinner of everything I was trying to get rid of in my fridge. I ended up making a Caramelized Onion and Carrot Soup. I didn't follow the recipe because I'm lazy like that. I upped the garlic and omitted the celery but it was still delicious. I should have used more stock since it was the consistency of baby food but I really didn't care when I was hoovering it down while rearranging my bathroom cabinets and watching Once Upon A Time. Damn, I'm an excellent multitasking. Not really. Not at all. Since I'm never done eating, then came part two of dinner. I needed something quick, tasty and contained cheese. I ended up whipping together a Roasted Red Pepper Grilled Cheese Sandwich With Pesto. So tasty, gooey and melty.

I hope to cook my way through my recipe bookmark folder by the end of March. Hopefully I don't burn down my apartment.

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