Monday, March 5, 2012

DIY Necklaces

I made myself a necklace display a few months ago with a vintage frame and some thrifted lace. (Similar to this but with a full lace backing instead of wire.) It looks great on my wall instead of hidden away in a jewellery box. I bought a second frame to make another one and I'll be needing more necklaces to fill it with. I'd love to see all these hanging up soon.

This is such a happy looking necklace.
I think it would go perfectly with a floral shift and a messy updo.

There are so many possibilities as to the shapes you could make.

I love a full, bold necklace.
I'm sure I have some old costume jewellery around that could use a punchy makeover.

Another great tutorial from a Pair and a Spare.
She has some amazing things on her blog.
I recommend you check it out.

This looks like an easy enough project.
I'll definitely be adding this to my necklace collection.


Irene said...

love the neon necklaces:)

Anonymous said...

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