Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wall Art

I am absolutely in LOVE with colourful, busy walls. The more stuff, the better in my opinion. I'm collecting pictures, prints, clippings and whatnot to make my own beautiful wall.

I adore the wallpaper behind these shelves.
I'm considering doing this to my bookshelves but in a more punchy pattern.

I would be absolutely beside myself if this was in my house.
Wall of books? Check. Freakin' ladder? Check.
I'd feel like Belle.

The colors. The mish mash of items. It's perfect.

Everything about this is fantastic.

Ah! Kitchengasm.

These plates are so beautiful.
Unfortunately, I can never find plates like this when I go thrifting.

I can't remember where I found these but they're ah-may-zing.
(If you know, let me know so I can credit.)
I'm determined to try these as a DIY. They will be on my wall one day!

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